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CST-Series / Cellular Signal Transmission

Connecting devices automatically - data & signal transmission over long distances.

Ready-to-use M2M solutions for your application.

Your M2M solution in 5. simple steps!

Your solution in 5 simple steps

1. Problem

You want to transmit digital or analogue signals complementary via cellular. But you don't know how?

2. Solution

The new CST series from ICPDAS-EUROPE!

Your signals are transmitted from A to B due to intelligent I/O modules. This is realised via a self-sufficient server-client network.

!!! No additional level such as a PLC or programming is necessary !!!

3. What do you have to do? 

Just tell us what kind of signals (analogue/digital) you want to connect.

Simply contact us using our chat,
via e-mail:  info@icpdas-europe.com,
call us : 
+49 7121 143240,
or via our contact form.

Your solution in 5 simple steps

4. What do we do?

We create a fitting concept and determine a suitable data transmission model. Then you will receive an individual offer from us!

We configure all system components, test and deliver the goods for you.

5. ... and off we go!

All you have to do is unpack the previously configured & labelled components, plug them in, install and it's up and running!

If you have any questions later, please do not hesitate to contact us! 

Products for Cellular Signal Transmission


... 1 available
ET-2242U CR


... 1 available
ET-2261 CR


ET-2255 CR


Here, the example of a sewage treatment plant: